• The Seti River

    The Seti River

    Rafting on Seti River - is an ideal trip for those wanting to experience some of the stunning river scenery in Nepal without the intensity of complex or challenging rapids. The Seti is a very suitable river for family trips and it's the best river to learn kayaking in Nepal.

    Damauli, the put-in point for rafting on Seti River is 5 hours from Kathmandu by tourist bus. WhiteWater Nepal arranges transportation for you. The 35 km of river action take 2 days. The take-out point o ...

  • Bhote Kosi River

    Bhote Kosi River

    The Bhote Kosi -The Bhote Kosi is regarded as one of the best short white water rafting trips in the world. It is the steepest river that is rafted in Nepal, with continuous rapid action making this river a full-on commitment and a huge adrenaline rush.
    This is an ideal trip for those wanting a short but intense and thrilling rafting trip. It is better suited to those who has some previous rafting experience.
    The Bhote Koshi the name implies that this river has its origin in Bhot or Tibet . It has upper sections ...

  • Trishuli River

    Trishuli River

    A Blast at Monsoon Flows - 1-3 Days - Class III-IV

    The Trisuli, although not the most inspiring river for rafting in Nepal , is very much popular several reasons-it is close to Kathmandu and for a cheap bus ride you can be on the river in hours if a warm-up is what you need on arrival in Nepal . The major road running alongside it is, for most people, a down marker. It does however provide easy access to transport and villages along the way. For a family trip it provides a less serious and commi ...