Kumbu Monastery

The Kubum Monastery was built in the 15th century, It is situated in the west of Gyantse Town With mountains enclosing from the east, west and north 3 sides, its uniqueness is that its three Sects of Buddhism- Shaja, Ningma and Guolu are living harmoniously under one roof. Each sect has 6-7 courtyards in the monastery. There are various kinds of thankas, a huge bronze statue of Jiangba, the Jainrese of a Thousand Hands and a Thousand Eyes in the monastery.
There is a hall of arhat made during the Ming Dynasty. The arhats are so vivid that they look very much alive. Besides the monastery is the world famous 9-storey 10,000-Buddha Pagoda. It stands 32 m, has 108 Doors, 77 Buddhist chambers and countless shrines. Enshrine in the Pagoda are 10,000 statues of Buddha. The Pagoda opens 8 doors, which are decorated with relief sculptures of lively flying dragons, running lions and walking elephants. It is a masterpiece of the joint efforts of the Nepalese, Tibetan and Chinese.